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College Ambassadors


College students across the country that are our biggest brand enthusiasts. These students love team building, contests, engaging with their campus, enjoy having fun, and have a passion for saving the environment and sustainable fashion!


You'll get to grow the Nothing New community on your campus and do it your way. Be creative with it and infuse your personal style. From campus events, weekly contests, and all the hype you can imagine! Don't worry, we'll be here to help along the way.


Get inside access to new products and exclusive merchandise. Build your resume with one of the fastest growing sustainable shoe brands in the country. Oh yeah, and you'll have a lot of fun.


Applications are now open for the fall 2021 semester ambassador program! Applications will remain open through August 2, 2021. Click here to apply now!

Team Nothing New Q&A

Sounds sweet. So what exactly do I have to do?

Help us develop and launch new products, grow our Nothing New community, and interact with campus ambassadors across the country. You will also get to manage events, challenges, and contests.

How long of a commitment is this?

Afraid of commitment? No worries. Being a Nothing New Ambassador is a one semester initial commitment. Paid summer internships and full-time positions will be made available to those who absolutely kill it.

What do you look for in a team #NothingNew member?

Entrepreneurial spirit. A go-getter attitude. Someone who isn't afraid to ask questions and propose bold new ideas. A leader and initiative taker. Someone who is fearless and ready to take risks!

Will I get any free swag?

You bet! Ambassadors will have the opportunity to receive free products including a pair of Nothing New sneakers every month, accessories, and exclusive swag.

Am I eligible?

The ambassador program is open to all full-time undergraduate students. You must be able to commit a full semester to being part of Team Nothing New, all majors welcome (looking at you, Turfgrass Science majors).

How can I apply?

Click here to apply for the fall 2021 program. Applications are open through August 2, so apply soon! We can't wait to hear from you.

Have What It Takes?

We can't wait to hear from you. Click below to apply for the fall 2021 semester!